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Recording of autumn webinar

RISE Fire Research’s autumn webinar 2023 was held 17th November at 9-11. At the webinar we presented new research finding in areas such as: battery fire and escape routes, flammable Christmas decorations, fatal fires in Norway, as well as fire safety when constructing or rehabilitating buildings. The research is funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) and the Norwegian Building Authority (DIBK).

There were more than 170 participants present, and we received dozens of questions from the audience. Thank you to everyone who participated! If you have feedback for us, please send us an email:

Recording of the webinar for download:

Recording of the webinar on YouTube:


Key time slots in the recording (in Norwegian): 

00:00:00 Velkommen – Nina Kristine Reitan, adm.dir. RISE Fire Research

00:02:57 Kunnskapsbehov innen brannfaget – Johan Marius Ly, avd.dir. Brann og redning, Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap (DSB)

00:05:37 Kort info om semi-automatiske parkeringsanlegg (publisert rapport) – Nina Kristine Reitan

00:06:45 Kort info om veileder om silobrann (publisert rapport) – Nina Kristine Reitan

00:07:42 Kort info om feiing av ildsteder (pågående prosjekt) – Nina Kristine Reitan

00:09:07 Rømning ved brann i litium-ion batteri i elsparkesykkel (publisert rapport) - Janne Siren Fjærestad og Ragni Fjellgaard Mikalsen

00:39:39 Brann til jul (pågående prosjekt)– Ellen Synnøve Skilbred

01:04:42 Brannsikkerhet ved oppføring og rehabilitering av bygg (pågående prosjekt)– Janne Siren Fjærestad og Christoph Meraner

01:34:55 Analyse av dødsbranner i Norge i perioden 2015-2020 (pågående prosjekt)– Edvard Aamodt

01:58:24 Oppsummering og avslutning – Nina Kristine Reitan