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26. Oct 22
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Fire Research and Innovation Centre in Trondheim

We are proud to announce that the Research Council of Norway has granted us, together with SINTEF and NTNU, NOK 30 million to establish a research and innovation centre for fire safety. The name of the centre is Fire Research and Innovation Centre (FRIC).

In September, we submitted an application to the Research Council of Norway’s strategic initiative for research and innovation to increase fire safety in society. By establishing a fire safety research centre, the Research Council of Norway aims to strengthen cooperation, long-term competence-building and knowledge dissemination in the field. A centre for fire safety shall be a nationally leading research community in the field.

In FRIC, we will focus on important areas within fire safety (see the figure), which will make FRIC a substantial knowledge hub within fire safety in Norway.

“We at RISE Fire Research are very happy for this grant. Together with our partners in the centre, we have built a strong consortium to generate a basis for knowledge-based decision making related to challenges within fire safety”, CEO Paul Halle Zahl Pedersen says.

He elaborates: “This is an important milestone in our history, and we are proud and humble to the recognition of being granted this research centre. We have worked in the field of fire safety for more than 80 years, and are now looking forward to working for a fire safe society in the new research centre FRIC”.

You may find more information about the announcement at the Research Council of Norway’s website (in Norwegian):