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Two new reports: BRAVENT Large-scale fire tests
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90 Years Anniversary for the Fire Lab in Trondheim
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Making Air Cargo Safer by Testing
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New report: Sweeping of fireplaces

BRAVENT: Research project granted!

RISE Fire Research participates in a new innovation project for the public sector funded by the Research Council of Norway and partners, called BRAVENT - Efficient smoke ventilation of small fires. 

The project will launch early in 2021, and will build on the BRAVENT-project that we have run during recent years (see link below). The project partners are Undervisningsbygg Oslo, RISE Fire Research, SINTEF Community, Trondheim Eiendom, Bergen kommune, GK Inneklima og TROX Auranor Norge, project number at the Research Council is 321099. 

The project aims to develop and document a general and cost-effective solution for pressure and smoke control of minor fires in school buildings using the existing comfort ventilation systems.

Along with the primary goal are the following set of secondary objectives: 
- Conduct systematic survey on the existing ventilation systems and fire incidents in school buildings 
- Develop testing methods and perform test to check fire safety of key components in comfort ventilation systems 
- Develop a control plan for checking fire safety of the ventilation systems and document fire safety of ventilation components in school buildings 
- Perform experimental tests in mock-up rooms and numerical simulation to better understand the extraction solution and its effectiveness on pressure and smoke control as well as the damage to ventilation system under various fire loads
- Provide guidelines on how to design a fire safe ventilation system for school buildings

An Innovation Project for the Public Sector is, according to the Research Council, intended to “promote sustainable, systematic and effective innovation in public-sector services, infrastructure and administration. Innovation projects must be based on needs and challenges and be part of the public entity’s plans for development. The project is to be executed through effective collaboration between the Project Owner (public sector body), R&D groups and other relevant stakeholders”.

More information on BRAVENT from previous years:

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