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New report on waste fires

The report "Uavhengig undersøkelse av brann i ettersorteringsanlegg 22. juli 2022" has now been published.

The fire started in a pile of paper on the floor in the reception hall for paper waste at IVAR IKS near Stavanger, Norway. The report deals with the fire and all underlying conditions that may have influenced the fire. The investigation was carried out by an interdisciplinary group with expertise from SINTEF AS and RISE Fire Research. Our Chief research scientist Anne Steen-Hansen has been quality assurer in the project.

You can find more information from SINTEF here: https://www.sintef.no/siste-nytt/2023/brannen-ved-avfallsanlegget-pa-forus-avdekket-hull-ved-sikkerten/

Read more and download the report (in Norwegian) on IVAR's website: https://www.ivar.no/aktuelt/rapporten-fra-sintef-er-na-klar