26. Oct 22
New report: Fire safety in naturally ventilated car parks
30. Sep 22
New RISE-reports: Solar cell installations on buildings
7. Feb 22
New report: Fire in the cavity behind royal-oil treated cladding of pine
15. Nov 21
New project: Wildfires
21. Sep 21
New report: Efficient, low-exposure and environmentally friendly extinguishing of fires in small building units

New project: Wildfires

We are proud to announce that our application for the DRYADS project (A Holistic Fire Management Ecosystem for Prevention, Detection and Restoration of Environmental Disasters) has been approved by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 European Green Deal call.

The total budget of the project is approximately 200 million NOK and involves 47 international partners. Starting from December 1, 2021, partners from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain, Taiwan and UK will work together for 3.5 years. RISE Fire Research from Norway will be the project coordinator. 

DRYADS aims to build upon state-of-the-art products (drones, new materials, fire modelling, agroforestry, AI-based decision support systems, etc.) and unite them in a holistic fire management platform. DRYADS focuses on all phases of wildfires, including prevention, preparedness, early detection, rapid response, and recovery. Various solutions will be demonstrated and validated under actual operating conditions. In addition, demonstrations will involve eight complex pilot implementations executed in seven EU countries (Norway, Italy, Spain, Romania, Austria, Germany, and Greece) and Taiwan."

All Norwegian partners funded under Horizon 2020 European Green Deal call can be found at this link: