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New report: Fire evacuation during lithium-ion battery fires in electric scooters
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New report: Venting from lithium-ion batteries in homes

The report «Venting from lithium-ion batteries in homes» has been published. The main objective is to investigate the extent to which venting from a battery in a dwelling can pose a risk for people.
The Norwegian fire statistics database BRIS was used to identify relevant scenarios. Based on these scenarios, numerical simulations of gas dispersion in a generic dwelling were carried out.

The results show that the location of the battery plays an important role in the accumulation of flammable gas. The largest amount of flammable gas mixture, 26 litres, was accumulated by venting from a 400 watt-hour (Wh) electric bike battery pack, which was placed on a shelf in a small hallway of 3.5 square meters. It is important to store the batteries in large and well-ventilated rooms, especially when if there is venting from an entire battery pack.

The study indicates that venting from an electric bike battery can lead to reduced tenability in a rom after only a few minutes. A thermal runaway that spreads to the entire battery pack can lead to critical levels of toxic gases throughout the room after about 1 minute for a small room (3.5 m2), and in the entire upper half of a large room (43.5 m2) after about 4 minutes.

An analysis of the carbon monoxide concentration shows that combination detectors near the battery may be a good measure to ensure early detection.

The study is commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) and the Norwegian Building Authority (DiBK).

The study was presented at “DiBK fagdag om brann 2021". The presentation (video recording and pdf) is available here:

We will also present the study at a webinar 1st September 2021, where you will have the chance to ask questions. More info and registration:{DCCFC3A2-4482-4534-B137-853CA1E3992A}

Full report in Norwegian with English summary (pdf)