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Water mist protection of hangars

In our large test hall in Trondheim, there is an exciting project ongoing these days, and it is still possible for new suppliers to join! 

Since last summer we have been working on preparing a test procedure and building a large scale mock-up of a Boeing 737 airplane. A competition was announced where three water mist suppliers will carry out extinguishing tests that will lead to documentation for protection of areas in hangars that cannot be protected using nozzles in the roof, i.e. under the aircraft. The project was mainly started to replace the current most used solution with foam protection which is often excellent to extinguish fires, but which entails extensive costs in repairing aircrafts that have been exposed to the foam.

In the pictures you may see what it looks like during a water mist test before the fire is extinguished (the supplier in this case is Firenor), and how it looks when we are cooling down the test rig during burn-out of excess jet fuel after test.

Towards the end of the project, we will open for other suppliers who want to test according to the procedure. The only costs connected with this will only be for renting the hall and use of personnel during testing. Suppliers will then be able to make offers to deliver their system to our current client, who is building one or more hangars.

For more info, please contact:
Robert Harley Mostad,
(+47) 92 02 55 89,

Cooling down the test rig during burn-out of excess jet fuel after test.
Photo: RISE Fire Research

(info and pictures shared with permission)