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New report: Safety requirements for charcoal burning ovens in restaurants.

The objective of this projects has been an experimental study of whether the test standard NS-EN 13240:2001 «Roomheaters fired with solid fuel. Requirements and test methods» covers the safety aspects for charcoal burning ovens installed in restaurants. The project is funded by DSB and DiBK and is a continuation of the RISE-report 2019:04 “Charcoal and wood burning ovens in restaurants – Fire safety and documentation requirements» 

We made three types of test ovens based on open and closed charcoal burning ovens found on the Norwegian marked with focus on isolation capabilities, materials and dimensions. A test rig was also constructed based on the test standard NS-EN 13240:2001. Test procedures were developed based on the conservative safety tests in the test standard.

We found that the safety test method in standard NS-EN 13240:2001 covers the safety needs for stabile maximum temperatures in surrounding materials, in the same way as room heaters, which the method is designed for. The tests also showed the charcoal burning ovens’ potential to produce maximum temperatures surpassing the temperature criteria of the test standard, especially if the ovens are overloaded with fuel, which indicates a fire risk. It does not cover temperatures in the exhaust duct or the production of sparks and their possible spread to combustible materials. Therefore, important safety aspects that needs to be considered for documentation of charcoal burning ovens include:

-           That the oven is equipped with sufficient measures against the spread of sparks (i.e. spark screen).

-          Hazards of having charcoal ovens operating beside each other.

-          The oven design and choice of materials and welding seams.

-          Ventilation system used for exhaust gases is designed to handle the temperatures and sparks created.

It is recommended that producers of the charcoal burning ovens document these aspects by an overload test and that the owner (usually the restaurant) ensures proper training for the users of the ovens.

Full report in Norwegian with English summary (pdf)