28. May 24
Two new reports: BRAVENT Large-scale fire tests
22. May 24
90 Years Anniversary for the Fire Lab in Trondheim
12. Apr 24
New report: BraTeK Fire-protective textiles
8. Mar 24
Making Air Cargo Safer by Testing
25. Jan 24
New report: Sweeping of fireplaces

RISE supports society and industry- how may we help?

The corona pandemic has placed the Norwegian society in a serious situation. We must act responsibly, both as citizens and employees, in order not to increase the spread of infection and thus the burden on the health care system. We are already seeing the effects of the pandemic, both on society, industry and the global economy, and we are probably facing major changes of various kinds.

Our business is up and running, we are adapting to the current situation and following the authorities' recommendations and continuously updating our internal policies accordingly; guidelines that we also practice against our customers and suppliers. 

RISE's goal is to promote sustainable growth by strengthening the competitiveness and renewal of business, and we are now needed more than ever. We take responsibility, both for society and for our customers, by keeping the business going and adapting to their changing needs. We focus on how we can contribute to this critical situation. We therefore want to know how we can help you.

For example, do you have a product or service that needs to come to market quickly? We offer testing and certification. Our laboratories are set up to offer live video streaming of both the tests and the test results. We also offer online consulting with our experts.

In what other ways can we help?

Don't hesitate to contact us: 
Nina K. Reitan, CEO,