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Fire safe holidays

December is the month with the most domestic fires in Norway. Here are our top ten tips for a fire safe holiday!

1. The smoke alarm is most important

The national smoke detector day is December 1st, please use the opportunity to check and change the battery in the smoke detector in your home. Feel free to remind family and friends about that too! Also, feel free to put a small sticker with the date on the batteries before you insert them, so you keep track of when you last replaced them.

2. The smoke alarms should be connected in series

Replace old smoke alarms with new ones that can be connected in series. If it starts to burn somewhere else in your house, you will be notified.

3. Avoid fire hazardous advent decorations

Keep candles away from combustible materials. Decorations with dried flowers, cones, spruce and the like should not be combined with candles. Instead, use electric candles if you want to make such decorations. The Norwegian Fire Protection Association also warns us against hazardous advent decorations:

4. Antibac burns

Alcohol and candles are a hazardous combination. Antibac contains alcohol, so avoid lighting candles if you have just used antibac on your hands.

5. Get a stove guard

Most domestic fires start in the kitchen. Stove guards are not just for the elderly, but something that all people should have.

6. Have a lid nearby

Fire on the stove should be extinguished by covering the pot with a lid instead of using a fire blanket. You may also use a powder extinguisher, but never use water for oil/fryers.

7. Watch out for the cat

Do not leave candles unattended. Candles and pets can be an unfortunate combination. When you leave the room, the cat can quickly jump up on the table and knock down the candlestick.

8. Give the candles space

If there is not sufficient air inlet to tea-candles, the paraffin can become so hot that it leads to an uncontrolled fire. Candles that are placed too close to each other can melt together and make a larger fire.

9. Turn off electric Christmas lights when you go to bed

Many domestic fires start in electrical equipment. During the holiday season, we have many electric decorations, inside and outside our homes. Both old, inherited decorations and newer LED lights can be ignition sources. Remember to turn these off when you go to bed.

10. Have a fire drill before Christmas - get out!

Fire may be uncomfortable to think about, but it is important to be prepared in case of an accident. First and foremost, focus on how you and your family will get out if it starts to burn. It is also important to practice the use of fire extinguishing equipment, such as powder apparatus and fire hose.

Wishing you a fire safe holiday,
Greetings from RISE Fire Research


This list is based on the one that our chief researcher Anne Steen-Hansen made in 2019 for, here you can read the whole story: -i-jula / 1609974

More info? Feel free to contact research manager Christian Sesseng, tel. 9841 0325,