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World's largest plate thermometer!

Recently, RISE Fire Research has developed and used the world’s largest plate thermometers as part of fire experiments in a project on hydrogen safety, called the SH2IFT project.

RISE Fire Research has made five of these plate thermometers for hydrogen jet fire testing in the SH2IFT-project. They measure 3 x 3 meters and have a total of 30 thermocouples in a grid with 50 cm spacing. The five plates have been used to build an enclosure box where hydrogen jet fires have been released to simulate an ignited release from a hydrogen vehicle inside an enclosed space. Plate thermometers are very good at measuring the relevant heat load to surfaces that are exposed to fires and the plate thermocouple enclosure gave a good total overview of the thermal exposure to the surrounding surfaces that were directly and indirectly impinged by the hydrogen jet fire.

- It is exciting to have this unofficial world record here in Trondheim Norway, and we are really looking forward to sharing the results from the study!, says task leader in SH2IFT and research scientist at RISEFR, Reidar Stølen

The SH2IFT-project is increasing the competence within the safety of hydrogen technology with a focus on quantifying the consequences of releases of hydrogen in enclosed spaces. Through experimental work with both gaseous and liquid hydrogen, the project will improve and verify simulation models that can be used to calculate the consequences of leaks from different relevant hydrogen segments. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (ENERGIX - 280964).

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The world's largest plate thermometer is being mounted in the test setup for hydrogen jet fire testing in the SH2IFT-project. Photo: RISE Fire Research/ SH2IFT

Photos from the fire experiments of hydrogen jet fires in the SH2IFT-project. Photo: RISE Fire Research/ SH2IFT