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Fire testing
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Housing and construction industry
We conduct fire testing and assessments of products and solutions for the building industry
Maritime sector
Fire safety at sea
Infrastructure and transport
Road transport, railway, air traffic and shipping represent a number of fire safety challenges
Safe production and transportation of established and new energy carriers
We have since the early 80s done  fire research directed towards the offshore industry
Insurance and justice
Sometimes it is necessary to get an independent expert assessment to determine how and why the fire started and why it developed as it did
Other sectors
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14. December 2022
New report: Experiences regarding personal protection water mist systems installed in dwellings
26. October 2022
New report: Fire safety in naturally ventilated car parks
30. September 2022
New RISE-reports: Solar cell installations on buildings
07. February 2022
New report: Fire in the cavity behind royal-oil treated cladding of pine
15. November 2021
New project: Wildfires
21. September 2021
New report: Efficient, low-exposure and environmentally friendly extinguishing of fires in small building units