A Holistic Fire management Ecosystem for Prevention, Detection and Restoration of Environmental Disasters

TREEADS is a large-scale EU Green Deal project, that brings together a consortium of 47 partners from 13 European countries and Taiwan, in the fight against wildfires.

The projects mission is to reduce damage caused by wildfires while maximizing the benefits of restoration, managing the impact of Wildfires on Communities.

TREEADS is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Project Coordinator is Kemal S. Arsava from RISE Fire Research AS.

Wildfires are a severe threat across Europe, causing significant environmental and economic damage. They are becoming more intense and widespread due to climate change, particular forestry practices, ecosystem deterioration, and rural depopulation. Extreme wildfire events, in addition to their devastating ecological impact, have an unparalleled social cost in terms of both human life and economic losses.

TREEADS aims to establish a unified technological ecosystem for integrated fire management and adaptive forest restoration.

By adopting a multi-stakeholder, multi-actor approach at its core, the TREEADS solutions will contribute to sustainable development as an inclusive societal process and secure sustainability and resilience of natural environment, as well as local human societies.

The TREEADS technologies will be demonstrated in 8 pilot campaigns around the world. The Norwegian pilot is led by RISE Fire Research and focuses on wildfires in Northern Europe. The pilot will study protection of wooden buildings and steel infrastructure in wildland-urban-interface (WUI) zones as part of prevention and preparedness, as well as how to improve the efficiency of logistics processes during the response phase.

The TREEADS project started in December 2021 for three years and six months duration and a total cost of 22.9 MEUR. 

Photo by Pixabay