Product documentation

We issue RISE-FR Product Documentation

RISE-FR Product Documentation
RISE-FR Product Documentation is a document confirming that a given product has a level of quality which satisfies the demands given in Norwegian laws with rules and regulations, that the product is fitted for use in accordance with the documentation and that the product is manufactured with satisfactory and continuous quality inspection control.

We offer RISE-FR Product Documentation as a voluntary system for manufacturers or distributors of products to be used in constructions. In the technical regulations under the Norwegian Planning and Building Act (TEK) there is a requirement that the building materials used in a building shall satisfy a number of basic requirements. Producers shall provide appropriate documentation with regard to the characteristics of the product. The product will be subject to documentation and inspection, which will ensure that the product complies with the technical specifications of the tested product. A RISE-FR Documentation is a neutral documentation of the product characteristics and special conditions for use, which together satisfy the requirements for documentation of characteristics of the product given in TEK. 

This type of documents is not a kind of national approval. It is part of a system based on trust, professional competence and integrity, which has a long tradition for being trusted and respected by the Norwegian construction industry.

An integral part of the RISE-FR Product Documentation system is the registration and public service which makes all the issued documents available on our home pages within the documents' validity period.

We issue RISE-FR Product Dokumentation for products within the following categories:

  • Fire sealing
    • linear joint seals
    • penetration seals
  • Constructions
    • doors/shutter assemblies
    • windows
    • fire partitions
    • fire insulation products for steel members
    • inspection hatches
    • stairways
  • Materials
    • floor, wall and ceiling products
    • insulation products for ventilation channels
    • tent canvas
  • Fire places
    • room heater fired by solid fuel (convection, cast iron, soapstone and open fireplaces)
    • residential cookers fired by solid fuel
    • residential space heating appliances fired by wood
    • slow heating appliances
  • Chimneys
    • concrete flue block chimneys
    • metal chimneys
    • flue liners
    • soot hatches
    • heat shields
    • wet cement products for chimneys
    • wall protection boards behind and aside fire places
  • Miscellaneous
    • interleaving boxes for electric installation equipment
    • suspension equipment
    • fire hose reel wall cabinets etc.