Nordic Fire and Safety Network on Energy

The Nordic Fire and Safety Network on Energy (NFSNergy) is a consortium consisting of the Nordic universities and research institutes dealing with risk and fire safety. The network is organized by the Technical University of Denmark in collaboration with the partners in the consortium, including RISE Fire Research.

NFSN is a Nordic platform aiming at being a meeting point for professionals from industry, municipalities (including the fire service and other local government professionals), research institutes and universities. The focus is safety of buildings and energy infrastructures.

The origin of the network is the Nordic Fire and Safety Days, held biannually in the Øresund Region. The success of the Nordic Fire and Safety Days has been used as a model for expanding the collaboration to a broader network, the NFSNergy.

Besides organizing the Nordic Fire and Safety Days, the network will organize exchange of PhD students and researchers. Furthermore, NFSNergy will run summer schools, webinars and teaching for professionals, as well as supporting research collaborations. The project will bring together multidisciplinary teams working on important energy-related initiatives promoting:
- the fire safety of new bioenergy systems,
- energy storage systems in green buildings,
- improved digitalization through Building Information Models in construction and
- the fire safety of new energy carriers in green transport systems.

The NFSNergy was funded in 2020 as part of the Nordic or Nordic-Baltic PhD and Researcher Mobility Programme, which is funded by Nordic Energy Research.

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