CFD simulations


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation is a powerful tool based on solving equations of fluid flow, heat, and chemical reactions. CFD simulation can reveal many details about the fire, which are traditionally impossible or very expensive to obtain only through experimental testing, such as the time-depended data for flow speeds, pressures, and temperatures of the entire fire site. Additionally, the digital replica of the fire obtained from CFD simulation can be intuitively presented, for example, in the form of 3D animation, which easily visualizes the potential fire or smoke hazard.

We are competent in using CFD tools such as FDS and OpenFOAM/FireFOAM to analyze how fire and smoke spreads in a given condition. We are also experienced in CFD research such as developing CFD sub-models and solvers.

Examples of what we can offer using CFD tools are listed here:

  • Scenario based fire risk analysis
  • Fire investigation
  • Gas dispersion analysis
  • Custom CFD model development