Research and Assessments

We carry out research, development, assessments and studies within a wide range of fire-related issues on commission for both public and private clients.

RISE Fire Research is an approved research institution by the Research Council of Norway and participates in a number of research projects financed by the EU or the Research Council of Norway. Ongoing larger projects are TREEADSBattMarine, SH2IFT2,  LASH FIRE and BRAVENT. In 2018, we were granted funding from the Research Council of Norway to establish the research center FRIC - Fire Research and Innovation Centre. In accordance with a research agreement, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection annually funds research projects on different topics, many of them are co-funded by the Norwegian Building Authority.

We can also assist with knowledge-based fire-related assessments in many different fields and industries, for example in connection with assessment of fire risk and relevant preventive and emergency preparedness measures, and in connection with product development.

Many of the projects we perform are confidential and cannot be published publicly. Some examples of open research projects that have been carried out in recent years are:

  • BRAVENT - Fire and smoke spread in ventilation ducts
  • Solar cell technology and fire safety
  • Fire safety and alternative energy carriers
    • Hydrogen vehicles in car parks
    • Gas vehicles in tunnels and car parks
    • Electric and gas vehicles in enclosed spaces
  • Fire safety when using gas containers in buildings
  • Analysis of fatal fires in Norway during the 2005-2014 period
  • Extinguishing techniques using small amounts of water
  • Fire safety in CLT buildings
  • IMPROVER - Improved Risk Evaluation and Implementation of Resilience Concepts to Critical Infrastructure
  • Mapping of the use of smoke detectors in dwellings
  • Mapping of gas concentrations, effect of dead air space and effect of alternative detection principle in smouldering fires

    Our open reports can be found here.