We are engaged in fire research and development within a broad range of topics. We perform fire research for both public and private clients.

We also contribute with knowledge-based fire consultancy within a number of different societal areas and business sectors, e.g. in connection to assessment of fire safety and relevant measures for fire prevention and preparedness, and related to product development.

Some examples of research projects performed for public clients are:

  • Assessment of the fire spread in the fire in Lærdal, January 2014
  • Fire resistance of fire divisions offshore
  • Fire escape. The function of different visual guiding systems
  • Fire safety related to building products made of plastics
  • Fire events in electrical systems – Causes and preventive measures
  • Fire safety for vulnerable groups – State of the art
  • Assessment of the fire service - Competence and education
  • Assessment of the fire service – Quality of the fire brigades' fire preventive efforts
  • Fire safety and the effects on health and environment related to upholstered furniture, mattresses and interior furnishing textiles
  • Fire safety related to electrical cables. Fire properties and fire performance of cables,  conductor systems and encasings.  
  • Fire safety in nursing homes for elderly people
  • Cooking fires. Assessment of fire preventive measures.