Infrastructure and transport

Road transport, railway, air traffic and shipping represent a number of fire safety challenges

We are engaged in fire safety on roads and in tunnels, fire safety of parked vehicles or vehicles during freight, and fire safety related to fuel storage and freight of fuel. Our knowledge of risk and expertise on fire development, properties of materials, smoke ventilation, fire detection, extinguishment and fire investigation are relevant for commercial clients, authorities and fire brigades.

Development and application of alternative energy sources is a hot topic, and modern cars, buses and ferries are driven by batteries, gas and by hybrid technologies. New types of energy carriers have other fire and explosion characteristics than traditional fuels and may represent challenges related to fire development, rescue and fire extinguishment.

Norway is among the countries in the world that have the largest numbers of road tunnels. Undersea road tunnels and tunnels with high inclinations are overrepresented in vehicle fire statistics. The temperature in a tunnel fire increases fast and very high temperatures may be reached. The risk for structural collapse, falling elements and heavy smoke development challenge the fire brigades' rescue and mitigation efforts. 

We have long experience with testing of extinguishing systems and insulation products for tunnels. In the Runehamar tunnel by Åndalsnes we have performed tests with full scale fires up to 200 MW and pool fires of 100 m2.