Reaction to Fire

Testing of materials' reaction to fire according to Norwegian, Nordic and international standards and methods.

Our key services:

  • Standardised testing and use of test methods for R&D purposes:
    - Cone calorimeter, heat release rate & smoke production  (ISO 5660)
    - Spread of flame (IMO Part 5/ ISO 5658)
    - Smoke and toxicity (IMO Part 2/ ISO 5659)
    - Test method 2 for external fire exposure to roofs (CEN/TS 1187)
    - Small flame ignitability (NS-EN ISO 11925)
    - Room corner test with heat release rate (ISO 9705)
    - Other methods incl. furnishings and lifeboat laminate
  • Test reports can be used as documentation for fire classification and approval of products and materials in constructions (e.g. EN 13501-1), onboard ships (e.g. MED certification) and on offshore installations.
  • Assessment of test methods and evaluation criteria.
  • Bespoke fire testing of products as documentation of fire properties for use in risk analyses.
  • Reaction to fire experiments as part of research projects.