Safe production and transportation of established and new energy carriers
In order to distribute energy from production plants to end consumers, a process of transportation of potentially large qunatities of energy is required. The process represents high risk if the energy comes out of control.

Electricity, which is an important energy carrier, is produced with water turbines, wind turbines and solar panels, to mention a few. To distribute the electricity, extensive power grids, connected to tranformers have been built. The tranformers can contain thousands of litres of oil, which if superheated may cause a large fire. We work with the electricity industry to be able to handle such fires in the best possible way.

New energy carriers represent new challenges. An array of solar panels can generate high voltages and power. As long as the panels are exposed to light, the voltage will be maintained, which may contribute to a fire and at the same time represent a risk for the extinguishing effort. A focus area is to develop safe design, which prevents small defects from causing large fires.