We offer fire testing of facades according to established testing standards and ad hoc (custom designed) testing.

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SP Fire 105

SP Fire 105 is a full-scale test method mainly used for the Nordic market. The SP Fire 105 test method evaluates the fire properties of a facade system regarding flame spread, falling parts, temperature, and the radiation towards the floor above the fire room when exposed to fire from a simulated room fire with flames emerging out through a window opening.

The facade system to be tested is mounted either directly against a steel frame or on a wall of lightweight concrete blocks, depending on how the facade is designed. The dimensions of the facade/specimen are 4 meters × 6 meters (W × H), with two fictitious window openings above the fire room that represent two floors.

The behaviour of the facade system and the fire spread (flame spread) can be studied.

We at RISE can help you with a technical assessment for a national type approval with a successful test.

NS 3912 Annex B

NS 3912 is Norwegian standard (NS). Annexe B describes a full-scale test method for documenting the ability of passive and/or active fire protection measures to protect combustible walls from external fire. It includes flammable cladding and fixed fire extinguishing systems. The burn-through time and the extent of damage are measured, and the ability to extinguish or control the fire is observed. The test method uses simulated exterior fire sources, not simulated room fires from within.

Custom-designed (ad hoc) facade testing

If you are looking to test a facade system or a product for a facade that is not described or suited for any standard, an ad hoc test setup might be the solution. We can offer to discuss and design a test setup suited for your needs. This can be done by creating something entirely from scratch or using already known configurations and mixing these with specified requirements.