25. - 25.09.15
The first IMPROVER Workshop!

The first IMPROVER Workshop!

The Horizon 2020 project IMPROVER (Improved risk evaluation and implementation of resilience concepts to Critical Infrastructure), aims to improve European critical infrastructure resilience to crises and disasters through the implementation of resilience concepts to real life examples of pan-European significance, including cross-border examples.

This first workshop aims at gathering information from associated partners and experts in the field about their views on resilience, methods and concepts used, and challenges they meet. This workshop will also be a great opportunity to gather people from different organizations and countries and share experiences.


The workshop will be open to all associate partners within the IMPROVER project, as well as other stakeholders with an interest in the project. There is no registration fee to attend the workshop, and lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the course of the day.


This workshop will be a one day workshop, where we will divide the day in two parts:

1. In the morning, we will have a short introduction to the project and a set of presentations on what is resilience; what are the resilience concepts; as well as the state of the art in Europe of testing of European critical infrastructure resilience.

2. In the afternoon, we will divide the participants in working groups to discuss aspects of resilience related to the participants own sectors and requirements for a methodology to improve application of resilience concepts to critical infrastructure.

In order to facilitate discussions, attendees will be forwarded a list of questions for preparation for the workshop.


Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, Jernholmen 12, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.


For further information, see the IMPROVER website or contact either the project coordinator David Lange (; or the workshop organizers Fanny Guay ( and Laura Melkunaite (

A detailed agenda for the workshop will be distributed to registrants before the workshop.


Deadline for registration was: September 15th 2015.
Signup has ended for this course.